Who We Are

The individuals working with GRIP IDEAS are a dedicated team helping companies establish brands in the nutrition, food and agriculture industries. GRIP IDEAS works behind the scenes in building your business.  With an emphasis on planning, GRIP IDEAS provides the resources to positively work towards your business goals.

The Company’s Ideology is based on:


Our “farm to finished product” experience where we have built connections and fostered relationships in the agriculture, food and nutrition supply chain.  This allows us to understand the importance of production efficiencies and how these result in value-added opportunities.


GLOBAL MINDSET − We believe that in order to achieve long-term business success, an organization must think globally.  GRIP IDEAS actively practices this mindset serving clients in multiple countries on several continents.

UNIVERSAL SUSTAINABILITY − We believe in the stewardship of the land and of the world’s natural resources.  We believe that a sustainable approach should be taken from the production of a product to its end product form.

HEALTHY WELL BEING − We believe in the physical and mental health of the individual as well as the collective whole.  GRIP IDEAS believes this for its employees, its clients and the individuals consuming our products.

CONNECTED OPENNESS − We believe in the use of technology as a means of communication and education in as personal of manner as it will allow.  GRIP IDEAS serves its clients with honesty, directness and integrity.  

GRIP IDEAS combines great ideas with disciplined execution to put THOUGHT INTO ACTION.

GRIP IDEAS Leadership

Steve Hanson
Steve Hanson provides the leadership for GRIP IDEAS.  Steve is an idea guy.  With nearly 20 years of successful marketing and management experience, Steve has worked with entrepreneurial start ups to Fortune 500 companies.  Steve’s exuberance, ingenuity and pragmatic approach has helped build several $100 million global brands and contributed to the better health of millions.

Steve is widely known throughout the nutrition industry for helping to build three of its best ingredient brand success stories − FloraGLO® Lutein, Ester-C® and MEG-3®.  Each of these brands have achieved considerable global sales along with industry prestige.

Based on his distinctive approach to marketing, Steve has presented at the nutrition industry’s leading conferences as well as conferences on effective branding.  Steve has also written a number of published articles focused on marketing, branding and international business.

Steve has had hands-on experience in developing successful international brands, traveled extensively and worked in establishing profitable businesses in a number of countries. Steve’s international expertise has assisted many of the nutrition industry’s leading companies.

Steve’s unrelenting work ethic began growing up on a farm in Iowa.  After attending Iowa State University with a degree in agriculture, Steve worked for an advertising agency serving many of the world’s top agribusiness brands.  Steve lives in Arizona.

Clients Steve has served:
● Abbott Laboratories
● Alliance Principle Ingredients (Canada)
● Bayer Corporation
● Cargill
● Emergen-C®, Alacer Corporation
● Ester-C®
● FloraGLO® Lutein, Kemin Health
● Hy-Vee Food Stores
● Indena
● Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Japan)
● MEG-3®, Ocean Nutrition Canada
● Pasteuria Bioscience
● Pioneer Hi-Bred International

Steve’s Strengths: Strategic planning, brand development, ingredient branding, co-branded partnerships, international market development